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Felicities Felines
 "Time spent with cats is never wasted" - May Sarton, author 
 Contact us at: FelicitiesFelines@gmail.com
About Felicities Felines (The Felicities Felines Family)
Pets who have passed:

Jaguar the Hunter, an 18-year old Bengal, alpha male
   'Jag' could snag a flying toy with the best of them; 
       could have been an MLB outfielder, but also
       loved to huddle in the kitchen trash can

In 2015, we said goodbye to Satin Jewels, litter 
mate of Jaguar.   RIP my dear dear friend

In 2014, we said goodbye to Tylissus the Bold, a 12-year old Bengal. Much missed.
  'Ty' was anything but bold, a pooh-bear in a big cat body 

Cattery Registrations:
--TICA (The International Cat Association)
--CFA (The Cat Fancier's Association)
The People:

                         Nancy​, head cat lover                                        Ariell, business manager                                           Neil, website editor