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The Singapura Breed
The Breed

“The ideal Singapura cat does not bear a strong resemblance to any other recognized breed.” (from the TICA Breed Standard for Singapuras)
The Singapura is the smallest breed of cat. They have rounded heads with large, brilliantly colored eyes that are offset by mascara markings. They have ‘Cheetah tear’ markings from the corner of the eyes down the face. The ears are large and set off parallel, giving the Singapura an alert appearance. 
Singapuras are sepia agouti ticked tabbies, with ticking of four or more alternating bands of light and dark color. Dark bars of color appear on the inside of the front legs and on the knees of the back legs. Fur on the muzzle, chin, chest and stomach is the color of unbleached muslin.
It is an impish cat—curious , intelligent and very extroverted. They love to interact with humans and want to be included in all the action of the household.
(see TICA breed standard for SIngapuras:

The Background Story

From whence came the Singapura? It's quite a story! Some maintain that the Singapura evolved from ‘drain cats’ on the streets of Singapore. Others believe that they were created by the cross-breeding of Abyssinian and Burmese. 

The Singapura breed was accepted by TICA into the Championship class in 1979. CFA accepted the Singapura breed for registration in 1982, and into their Championship class in 1988. At the time, both organizations accepted the Singapura as a naturally-occurring breed. In 1990, discrepancies were discovered in Singapore regarding the transport of the cats that were the foundation cats of the breed, and CFA conducted an investigation.

Tommy Meadows and her husband Hal introduced the breed to the United States. They originally said that they had brought three foundation cats from Singapore to the U.S. in 1974. However, it was discovered that the cats were actually brought into Singapore from the U.S. in 1974, and returned to the U.S. in 1975. During the CFA investigation in 1990, the Meadows explained that the cats that were brought into Singapore in 1974 were grandchildren of four cats that he sent back to the U.S. in 1971, without proper documentation, due to the sensitive nature of his business in Singapore. When Saigon fell in 1975, the Meadows returned to the U.S. with their cats, and began seeking recognition for the Singapura breed from cat fancies in the U.S. Following the investigation, the status of the Singapura as a natural breed was officially maintained.


Today’s Singapura has the genotype AA BB cbcb DD ii TaTa.
‘AA’ denotes agouti ticked pattern
‘BB’ denotes black
‘cbcb’ denotes that the cat appears brown instead of black
‘DD’ denotes that there is no recessive dilute (coloring)
‘ii’ denotes that there is no rufus (red color) inhibiting or silver gene
‘TaTa’ denotes that the breed is tabby pattern

(see Breed History:
Singapura cat history:

Retired Queen
--Mangala Little Uluru of Felicities

Double Grand Champion Alter
--Mangala Opal Victoria of Felicities
"Ru" is mother to Scotty (above)
--Dad is IW SGC* Amenophis Gus of Truecolours
* Gus is International Winner & Supreme Grand Champion

Champion Alter & Lova-boy
--Felicities SCOTUS MacGus
  (born 25 June 2015)