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Felicities Felines
 "Time spent with cats is never wasted" - May Sarton, author 
 Contact us at: FelicitiesFelines@gmail.com
Felicities Felines is a small, home-based cattery in Friday Harbor, Washington.
Singapuras are small, stocky cats with a ticked sepia-colored coat and huge eyes. They are recognized as a natural breed from Singapore.
Savannahs are lean, elegant cats with spots and huge ears. 
They are a domestic cat with a Serval in their lineage.
This beautiful F3 Savannah is Gattobello Catrìona Sìne of Felicities, a genuine free spirit. 
This girl is Mangala Little Uluru of Felicities. She is named for a geological wonder in Australia, the country  in which she was born. 'Ru' is a truly endearing cat.

After birthing 5 litters, Ru is recently retired & passing the reins onto her daughter.

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 Welcome to the website of Felicities Felines cattery!    We  are registered with two cat fancies – The International 
 Cat Association (TICA) and the Cat Fanciers’ 
 Association (CFA).  

 Please see our Singapura and Savannah pages for
 information about these wonderful breeds! 

 Check out our About Us page to meet the humans
 and the pets. 

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 comings and goings!

 We would love to hear from you! 
 Please contact us at:

 If you have a question about the Savannah or Singapura
 breed, please ask. If we don’t know, we will find out. If 
 you have are interested in adopting a Savannah or 
 Singapura kitten, we will put you on our contact list. 

 We also know other Savannah and Singapura breeders,
 and would be happy to direct you to reputable breeders.
 Directly adopting from dedicated breeders is the
 best way to ensure that you are matched with a healthy
 kitten or cat who suits your personality and lifestyle!

 Welcome again to Felicities Felines cattery!

 Our philosophy -- life is better with feline friends! 
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